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Staff cuts at e-toll collection headquarters

A Fin24 user, who works for the call centre of the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Consortium in Centurion, was shocked to hear about job cuts.

She spoke to Fin24 about her plight:

Staff at the ETC headoffice in Centurion have been told they have a week to find another job.

They say there will be staff cuts due to e-tolls not making as much money as anticipated.

The remaining staff at the call centre will now only work three days per week as from April 1.

Staff are concerned about the impact on our salaries. We get R600 per week of which up to R300 could go for transport to and from Centurion.

We feel we should have had more notice.

We can confirm that neither Sanral nor ETC staff members at head office were asked to leave.

The people who were given notifications are temporary staff members, who were appointed by a sub-contractor in order to perform certain functions. 

Like any business in operations - and especially one going through constant change - ETC has to consider its business needs.

In the light of this, and to align with its business needs, the company requested the sub-contractor to start reducing numbers. 

The sub-contractor has assured ETC that it will comply with fair labour practices and provide affected individuals with the required notice periods in line with the Labour Relations Act.

These individuals will have different notice periods depending on their agreements with the sub-contractor. 

ETC can confirm that a significant number of the sub-contractor's staff affected by this will be converted to ETC employees.

ETC has employed a large number of staff and has invested in their training for the three years leading up to toll commencement. 

As the project evolves the company is gaining a better understanding of what its needs are.

Subsequently, we shall constantly reassess these requirements as the process matures in South Africa.

The remaining staff at the call centre will now only work three days per week as from April 1. The sub-contractor proposed this and ETC has agreed.

The issue of salaries should be addressed with our sub-contractor. 

ETC made it clear from the beginning that it would need to change staffing parameters – hence the temporary nature of the staff roles.

The nature of its business means that ETC must consider changes regularly.

By: Fin24