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Monsanto has been present in South Africa for many years and has become the household name with quality products such as Roundup® and Guardian S®. Monsanto's herbicide products include both selective and non-selective herbicides for control of weeds in agricultural, non-crop, industrial, forestry and conservation areas.

Roundup® (L0407) is a non-selective herbicide and was registered in 1975, and is still the leading glyphosate-based herbicide today. Biotechnology has changed the way of farming with the introduction of Roundup Ready cotton, soyabeans and maize. This technology provides the farmer with an excellent weed control tool. Roundup PowerMax ® (L6702) herbicide is one of the formulation registered to be used on Roundup Ready crops. Roundup® Turbo is the latest addition to the glyphosate product range. It contains 450g/L glyphosate (20% higher loading) and is rain fast after only two hours.

Monsanto's selective herbicides are based on acetochlor which gives excellent grass control and control also certain broad leave weeds. Guardian S® (L4862) is the safest acetochlor-based formulation available for pre-emergence application in maize. Three-way products. Monitor (L6003) is a selective herbicide for control of brome in wheat.

Product quality and crop safety are two of the most important criteria when developing new products and formulations.
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