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SAagri is a website dedicated to serving the needs of commercial farmers and their related industries.  We provide an exceptional network to all the integral parts of the agricultural infrastructure, allowing you to find what ever you need with an easy click of the mouse.  

Our goal is to provide vital information like market prices, weather, statistics and the contact details of all associated agricultural suppliers in order to facilitate growth and development in this
vital sector of South Africa, as well as to give maximum exposure to all our valued clients and entice users with up to date info and an interactive experience that keeps you coming back for more.   

Our Mission:

We will build a unique portfolio, striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation and value, and elevating our image to become South Africa’s most popular agricultural website.

 We have committed ourselves to be:

  • Innovative, competitive and dedicated to satisfying our customers.
  • A leader in agricultural information, with a long-term vision.


SAagri is a site that will always be free for farmers.