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Kgalagadi-Transfrontier Park - It’s always slightly embarrassing when you open a toilet cubicle only to find it occupied already. However, when the occupant greets you with a growl and sharp teeth, there’s really no time for apologies.  

Then the best thing to do is run. Run as fast as your legs can carry you!

This is exactly what happened to Sandy Borcherds from Somerset West in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park over the weekend, Volksblad reports.  

The dramatic scene took place at the Kamqua picnic spot where tourists can alight from their vehicles, stretch their legs, braai and make use of ablution facilities. 

Borcherds told the paper that she made the spine-chilling discovery when trying to open the security gate at the toilet entrance, only to be met with a deep growl coming from inside.  

While she didn’t wait around to see what lurked inside, her husband, Eric and another holiday-maker decided to investigate from the safety of their vehicle. 

They found that the lioness had broken one of the gate’s wooden slats to get inside, but seemed unsure of how to get out again. She also had open wounds on her left leg and neck. 

The two men tried to shift the gate open for her to escape, but as she became increasingly aggressive they decided to leave her be instead. They made their way to the closest rest camp, Urikaruus, about 8km away and reported the toilet intruder to park management. 

In the mean time, another group of tourists had arrived at the picnic spot and kept a close eye on the big cat, which calmly left the loo after about 30 minutes, exiting through the same hole she had made to enter. She casually walked over a hill. 

Tourism manager at the park, Ben van Eeden, said the lioness was just looking for a cool place to lie down on a very hot day. The picnic area is not fenced and visitors are requested to check for animals before entering the toilets.